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Imagine running a company and having to fork out thousands of dollars to buy a software that is often cumbersome or only partially aligned to your business needs.
For many business entities the revolving cost of software, upgrades, maintenance, data security, data processing, and general applications management is an almost unavoidable cost that often ranges from as little as a few thousand dollars to millions of dollars per year.
To overcome this budgetary challenge, and to avoid the risk of self managing their data processes, hundreds of companies have been seeking to manage their technological needs and data management processes via third party entities.
One of their most observed preference for this type of self managing tech outsourcing facility is a multi-national tech company called apps@cloud.
Using the web based portal at, many businesses are now able to easily pick or create cloud business software applications for their various needs, then integrate and host them in a single place with more control over their data and as well as processes.
For example, if you are a business owner, and you need to manage a customer database, or set up a job system, you can actually go over to apps@cloud, use its simplified applications interface to pick the right app from a selection of 50 marketplace apps, and start working all in less than five minutes, while saving your company thousands of dollars.
For the past few weeks, the company has been encouraging global businesses to try out its capabilities, especially for the virtual management of data and document stores.
The use of the first business app is free, with a $US5 monthly subscription option for each additional application a user may want to access.
According to their website, sign-up is free, and can be launched via:
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